Bio: Emily “Parmigiani” Anderson

Many years ago my friend gave me this name Miss Parmigiani because I have always been a fan of cheese – especially parmigiano reggiano. We pronounce it par-muh-gi-ah-ni because we love Italian words! I’m also Italian. My beach cruiser is named Parmi. It just works for my personality. I love alliterations so the name was born!


California State University, Fullerton

B.A. – Communications with an emphasis in print journalism

-trained reporter


Willamette Valley Development Officers cohort (held in conjunction with the Portland State University Non-Profit Institute) to obtain a:

Professional Certificate in Non-Profit Fundraising (120 hours’ classroom time in 9 months, weekly development homework, end-of-course practicum, to study in-depth donor-centered fundraising and non-profit best practices)

  • IRS laws regarding quid pro quo and market value of donor gifts
  • case statements
  • accounting and budgeting
  • diversity, equity and inclusion training
  • database clean-up
  • donor acknowledgement and tax receipt letters
  • gala event planning