Professional Services Offered

Are you stuck in a marketing rut

and stress is something you can’t think anything but?

Please have no worries 

Words don’t have to make your head feel blurred

Parmigiani Papers can help you for sure!


Writing and marketing:

  • editing website articles for clarity
  • speech editing
  • non-profit donor solicitation appeals
  • non-profit case statements
  • non-profit mission statements
  • business taglines
  • book editing
  • news articles
  • creative writing
  • grant application editing
  • brochure editing
  • my own custom-created cover letter template

Do you have a question about any of these services? Please feel to contact us at the e-mail below us for any questions and pricing.

Phone: ‪(971) 599-3257

Have a lovely day!

<3 Emily